PI Apparel Milano 2024

Dear customers and partners,
At the recent PI Apparel event in Milan, our CTO, Sergej Žlahtič, captivated the audience with his presentation "Tech Sparks - Future Fashion Tech."
He discussed the transformation of our company into a comprehensive digital hub that will revolutionize sales and presentations with premium quality media. Sergej highlighted our innovative approach, particularly in animation and the transformative EcoShot technology, which demonstrates our commitment to diversity with custom 3D human models.
This event was an important opportunity for us to collaborate with industry experts and showcase our state-of-the-art services. We are excited to offer post-event services including EcoShot image creation, specialized content creation and customized configurator solutions and mix and match, with the goal of enriching the shopping experience and fulfilling consumer needs.
Stay tuned for more innovation as we continue to advance the future of fashion and technology.
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