Transform your garment presentations with AI human models and avatars. Bring 3D designs to life, enabling customers to visualize prints, colors, and styles effortlessly. Elevate from static displays to dynamic lifestyle imagery with custom AI models in minutes.


Garment Presentation

  • Bring your 3D design to life with realistic models.

    Allow your costumers to visualize garment prints, colors, and styles on attractive models.  

    Go from flat, bodyless presentations to fashionable lifestyle imagery within minutes.

Choose the right avtar for you.

Choose between AI-generated models for unlimited flexibility or real models for unparalleled realism and stunning details.

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Empower your brand's vision to captivate buyers with an array of customization options, ensuring your collections are presented in a compelling and effective manner, bringing your designs to life.

Let us create new models, poses, or accessories tailored to you.

Create 3D pose, we will create avatar for you. Enjoy on demand dynamic posees, various body shapes and measurements, and a on demand accessories like shoes, hats, and jewelry.

Flexible and economical solution

Use cases

Our avatars remain consistent from multiple angles, ensuring seamless integration into various applications.

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Available For Browzwear, Vstitcher

  • Trial

    Ideal for testing EcoShot product. 


    How it works?

    • 5 images
    • 1 user
    • Images stored for 30 days 
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  • Starter

    Ideal for freelancer, startups and small size companies.

    Subscribtion fee: 199€/month

    2,150 EUR/year (10% discount)

    What's included?

    • 20 images/month
    • Model’s library access
    • 1 user


    • 5€ per additional image


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  • Middle

    Ideal for middle size companies.

    Subscription fee: 599€/month

    6,470 EUR/year (10% discount)

    What's included? 

    • 200 images/month
    • Model’s library access
    • Unlimited users


    • 5€ per additional image


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  • Unlimited

    Suitable for 3D Studios, agencies and bigger

    Subscription fee: 899€/month

    9,710 EUR/year (10% discount)

    What's included?

    • Unlimited
    • Model’s library access
    • 2 users


    • Additional user 499€


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  • Custom

    Additional offers:  

    • 3D modelling
    • Art directions 
    • Mix&Match tool 
    • Configurators 
    • Full marketing champaigns material preparation 
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What is EcoShot?

EcoShot is an AI-powered tool that allows garment presentations by providing realistic human models and avatars.

How does EcoShot work?

EcoShot is a plug-in for Browzwear. Our software uses AI to generate custom models based on your preferences (such as skin color and other variations). With the help of Tronog’s designers, we can prepare different model poses, custom models, and various sizes for you. Once created, they allow you to combine the power of your concept, our design team, and AI technology.

Who can benefit from EcoShot?

EcoShot is ideal for fashion designers, product developers, retailers, and e-commerce platforms looking to enhance their product presentations. It suits freelancers, startups, medium-sized companies, and large agencies alike.

What are the subscription options for EcoShot?

EcoShot offers several plans:

**Trial**: Free, includes 5 images for one user.
**Starter**: €199/month, includes 20 images/month and access to the model library.
**Middle**: €599/month, includes 200 images/month and unlimited users.
**Unlimited**: €899/month, includes unlimited images and two users.


Can I try EcoShot before subscribing?

Yes, EcoShot offers a free trial plan where you can create up to 5 images to evaluate the service.

How can I get started with EcoShot?

You can sign up for a free trial or choose a subscription plan on the EcoShot webpage. Simply upload your designs, choose your models, and start creating stunning visuals.

What customization options are available?

EcoShot provides various customization options, including different body shapes, poses, additional accessories (such as shoes, belts, hats), and environments to match your brand’s aesthetic and showcase your garments effectively.

How can I contact support if I have issues?

You can reach out to EcoShot's support team through the contact form on the website or via the provided email at

For more detailed information, visit the EcoShot page.

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