• Data Preparation

    With the rise in creation of digital twins, 3D data preparation is becoming more and more important. At Tronog, we have been taking care of your 3D data preparation for nearly a decade. We first analyse existing data with which we make a strategic plan on how to achieve the most inspiring results. Based on the analysis, we prepare high quality 3D models of your products, where we bridge the gap between product design and engineering, while being able to both read and understand data, such as blueprints, patterns, sketches, scanning data and even simple sketches made by hand.

Realistic 3D Model

Through the process of digital engineering, we are then able to analyse the digital product, which allows us to set up algorithms for different product configurations that make sure that all the colours, textures and materials work cohesively together and can be reproducible for almost any final results, in real time or rendered.

Realtime model

Through our skilled team, we are able to digitize and prepare your materials and textures to a high level of precision and quality, where the end goal is to make manufacturable and sellable samples of your products, without them having to be physically in stock in the first place.


What you need from us to do model?

We would need sketches, or blue prints or in some cases physical example.

How long does it take to prepare model?

Complexity of product is biggest factor here. Can take from few hours to few days.
Ussually our models can be used form any camera angle, which would give us posibliities to use it for any kind of job.

We need export in GLB?

We will export in OBJ, GLB or any other format.

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