Metail and Tronog partnership

Nov 22, 2023

We are excited to announce the start of a strategic partnership between Metail (UK) and Tronog (Slovenia). 

Tronog is a leading visualization studio specializing in creative 3D services for the apparel and automotive industries. 

The partnership will unite Metail’s deep expertise in AI with Tronog’s extensive experience in creative 3D modelling and scalable image production. 

In our continuous effort to enhance accessibility and service quality, the partnership will involve a transfer of EcoShot from Metail to Tronog.

EcoShot is a sample-free, virtual photography solution that delivers accurate and realistic images of 3D garments on models. The transfer is set to be completed by the end of 2023, within minimal disruption to service for users. 

The partnership enables Metail to accelerate helping apparel companies leverage the exciting new capabilities of AI. This includes providing Generative AI components to Tronog for roll-out within EcoShot. 


As well as serving EcoShot’s existing market (apparel product development teams using 3D CAD), Tronog will offer an enhanced ‘Design-to-Sell’ asset creation service. This also involves making EcoShot’s AI and real-life models accessible to all, including brands that do not yet have 3D CAD capabilities. Tronog’s ability to accelerate the rollout of EcoShot’s new AI-generated models will assist brands in creating correct-fit, category-specific, and campaign-appropriate model images. 

We are delighted to welcome EcoShot to our portfolio at Tronog. Using our 3D artists’ resources, we can accelerate the expansion of the new custom AI-model generation service for EcoShot customers. In addition, leveraging Tronog’s expertise in managing numerous client projects, customers can expedite their project completions and proof-of-concept initiatives, receiving additional support to complement their in-house teams. Tina Bregant, CEO of Tronog

In 2020, we brought EcoShot to market. It was the first accurate and realistic model photography solution for 3D CAD users. EcoShot helps apparel companies to use 3D garments beyond product development. When combined with EcoShot’s fashion models, companies can use their 3D garments to sell. Seeing 3D designs on fashion models always generates a better response among viewers. This is especially true for consumers or buyers unfamiliar with 3D technology. Our users have told us they would like to utilise this benefit more often. Sadly, a lack of 3D resources and expertise often hinders their efforts, and this strategic partnership helps to address this.  Tronog’s mass image production expertise will also speed up EcoShot’s roll-out of AI-generated models. With their help, customers will receive AI models with the right body shape and size for their designs. Jim Downing, CEO of Metail 

Our customers are the heart of our company and we want to ensure that each and every one of them has the best experience possible. Sergej Žlahtič, CTO of Tronog 


Making AI fashion models accessible to all marketing and design teams 

The idea of ‘on-model’ images without physical samples appeals to many marketing and design teams. However, most do not have the 3D CAD garments required for accurate imagery. This ceases to be an obstacle for these teams with the help of Tronog’s 3D modelling services. All teams can now accurately showcase their products on AI fashion models. 

Teams that already have 3D CAD garments will benefit from greater flexibility.  They can continue using EcoShot as a standalone product and opt into Tronog’s additional services based on their needs. With custom AI-generated models, brands can stop adjusting 3D garments to fit models.  Instead, they can have models that fit their existing 3D garments perfectly.   

The integration of offerings creates a powerful synergy, enabling customers to tailor their solutions to fit their unique requirements.  Over time, Tronog plans on offering a seamless platform that aligns with evolving customer and market requirements. 

Helping apparel companies leverage AI 

Since the release of ChatGPT and DALL-E, AI has become a hot topic for all companies. However, AI is much broader than just these generative AI technologies. It encompasses more general techniques such as Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Optimisation; AI techniques that Metail has used since 2007. The strategic partnership with Tronog will enable Metail to focus on being a specialist Apparel AI House that expands the use of AI within the clothing industry. An example is the Generative AI solution provided to Tronog for EcoShot. Metail also leverages computer vision to provide Machine-Learning Advanced Motion Analytics (MAMA). MAMA gives apparel manufacturers sub-activity-level analytics for each line worker, to improve their factories’ efficiency. 2024 will see Metail expand into helping apparel retailers leverage AI in revenue-generating applications. 


About Tronog 

Tronog is a visualization studio that specializes in creative 3D services and animation creation for the apparel, marketing and automotive industries. This includes high-end digital marketing assets, configurators, fabric digitalization and scanning. Image production, outstanding 3D models, and unique tailor-made configurators are the three foundational visualization pillars Tronog provides to its customers. For more information, visit 

About Metail 

Metail is a specialist Apparel AI House founded in 2007 and part of TAL Group (Hong Kong).  Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Metail specialises in visualising people and clothes together.  Frustrated apparel 3D CAD users struggling to get buy-in for 3D sparked a thought.  “What if these users could go from their 3D designs to selling with real-life models in under 1 hour?  Without the need for a physical sample?”  This led to the launch of EcoShot in 2020. Metail has deep expertise in computer vision and machine learning. Their expertise enabled early exploration of AI technologies like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).  In 2023, Metail’s AI techniques became on par with traditional photography.  As a specialist Apparel AI House, Metail helps apparel brands and manufacturers leverage the exciting new capabilities of AI. For more information, visit 


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